Swasthya Arogya Kutumbham

It is a program promoting the health and hygiene in the family and community. PREWM MARG envisages a healthy society by undertaking awareness creation on various diseases, their prevention, treatment and its causes and accessing and availing Govt facilities, various schemes etc. The awareness creation themes include safe institutional delivery, breast feeding, safe drinking water, hygiene measures, hand wash etc.

PREM MARG conducts general health camps as well as specific health camps to detect, identify and refer them to Govt. hospitals. There are several programs that are initiated to promote Swasthya Arogya Kutumbham.


PREM MARG promotes the hand wash before and after meals and using toilets by demonstrating the hand wash process in the schools, communities and among the PJMS meetings. After the demonstration class a liquid hand wash soap is given to each of the member of the PJMS and in Schools, liquid soap is kept in all lavatories, washing basin, staff room, toilets etc.


Under this program, PREM MARG build up information and knowledge among the community members through trainings, sessions by experts on healthy eating habits, nutritious food, organic food and food products etc. and distributes vegitable and fruit saplings to the PJMS members. This program also aims at behavioural change at individual and family level. Instead of getting everything from the market, the community members produce vegetables and fruits at home which are organic and nutritious.

3. Medical Camps:

PREM MARG conducts medical camps both general and disease specific at various intervals and seasons in the villages. The objective of these camps are to identify the disease prevalent in the area, detect patients and refer them to Govt. hospitals.


This is to protect newborn children and school going children from diseases that are caused by walking in the dirt and unhygienic conditions. PREM MARG provides these children shoes and sandals to protect the feet. Shoes are distributed in the Schools and Anganwadies of the operational area.