SWABHIMAAN- Women Empowerment Program

SWABHIMAAN, as the name suggests aims at enhancing esteem of women and girls in the family, community and society at large leading to a gender just society. It undertakes a process of community organisation, awareness creation and collective action. The program leads the women to actively participate in Panchayat meetings and placing the issues and needs from the point of view of women in the village, networking with Govt. bodies to access Govt. schemes, to raise voice against exploitation etc. The women empowerment of the program happens through Prem Jyothi Mahila Sangh. Therefore the objectives of PJMS are the objectives of SWABHIMAAN.

Objectives of SWABHIMAAN, Women Empowerment Program:

• To promote and strive towards Gender Equity

• To have equal opportunities for girls children to education

• To promote economic independence

• To ensure participation in decision making at various levels

• To motivate for political participation

• To build up local leadership

• To eliminate all forms of violence against women

• To mobilise public opinion on specific issues and problems related to women

• To build up strong movement by women

• To network with other movements and organisations

In order to strive towards gender just society a multi tier federation of women organisations is envisaged. The village level groups are federated into mandal level, district level and then to organisational level.