About us

A new Syro-Malabar Diocese has been erected by Holy Father Pope Francis in Shamshabad, at Ranga Reddy District of Telangana State, on 10th October 2017. Most Rev. Bishop Mar Raphael Thattil has been appointed as the first Bishop of the Diocese from 7th January 2018. The members of the Syro-Malabar DioceseShamshabad are spread across India, covering 24 states, 2 union territories and 2 Islands of India, making it as the biggest Diocese in India. The Shamshabad diocese has envisioned serving the humanity with a two fold approach.

1). Through the pastoral care of the Catholics
2). The empowerment of the community through development interventions.

In this context, a non-profit, and a non-governmental organisation has been formed by the Syro-Malabar Diocese- Shamshabad and registered as a TRUST in the name “Prem Marg Charitable Trust” to take forward the second approach of the diocese. The newly registered non-governmental organisation would be popularly known as ‘PREM MARG-Shamshabad’ in short. The organisation is committed to the socio economic empowerment of the people who are marginalised, socially and economically deprived in its operational area across India. The name of the Trust suggests that Prem or love shall be the emphasising mark of all our activities. We should do everything out of love and with lots of love. The dearest apostle of Jesus, St. John who knew well that his master was God himself, presented God as LOVE. In the Christian understanding God Is Love and Jesus is the true way or marg. For the Eparchy of Shamshabad, the diagram or the road map for the charitable and social activities is condensed into Love which is vertical and horizontal. Because Jesus summarised the ten commandments into two: love for God and love for others. And the Apostle Paul reminded that the Christians should be known by their love. The best way of our Christian witness in the vast territory of the Eparchy of Shamshabad is by our love, which shall be genuine and pure as Jesus showed it on the Cross.

News and Events


A program under Swasthya Arogya Kutumbham (a program promoting health and hygiene in the family and community) began in the 25 villages of Ranga Reddy and Sanga Reddy districts. 300 vegitable saplings are being distributed among the PJMS members.The program began on 15 August 2019 on the occasion of our Independence.

FACE-Fair Access to Care End

A program for palliative care of the old, sick, PWDs and dying. In order to facilitate the mobility of the service providers, care givers and the program participants, an AMBULANCE was bought with the kind support of South Indian Bank on 8 September 2019.


A program for the economic empowerment of women, PREM MARG began 3 TAILORING TRAINING CENTRES with 20 students each in Pilloniguda, Station Thimmapur and Theegapur villages in Ranga Reddy district in the quarter April -June 2019. The program was supported by the CSR initiative of South Indian Bank.


The first e-newsletter of PREM MARG Shamshabad was released on 30 June 2019 by its Settler, Mar Raphael Thattil, Bishop of Shamshabad.


A program for the economic empowerment of women, PREM MARG began 5 more TAILORING TRAINING CENTRES at Theegapur, Alikole Thanda, Burg guda Thanda, Amdapur and Bythole in the districts of Sanga Reddy and Ranga Reddy districts in July- September quarter 2019. It is a CSR initiative of South Indian Bank.


A relief program for the flood affected people in Kerala supported 100 flood affected families at St Alphonsa Parish, Padamala in Wayanad district. The program was conducted with the support of various institutions, parishes and PREM MARG Nodal units.