Our Donors and Supporters

South Indian Bank

South Indian Bank under their CSR initiatives support PREM MARG to facilitate 4 Tailoring Training Centres, support to buy an Ambulance for the home based palliative care program, to train and produce low cost sanitary napkins.

Joyalukkas Foundation

Joyalukkas Foundation under their CSR initiatives support PREM MARG to facilitate 3 Tailoring training centres, 1 Fast Food Preparation training centre, 1 Computer Training Centre and 1 Organic Farming inputs preparation training centre.

Health Care Society Thrissur

Health Care Society Thrissur supports PREM MARG to mainstream 25 BANDHU families for the education of girl children, treatment of the old and sick in those BANDHU families.

Conference of Religious India APTS

CRI APTS during the KERALA floods 2018 supported 28 flood affected families to construct houses through PREM MARG. Each family was given two lakhs of rupees to start the construction.

PREM MARG Nodal Units

PREM MARG Nodal units raised funds towards the flood relief programs in Kerala both in 2018 and 2019.
10 Houses are constructed in Kerala under the program BATHEL and in 350 families were give relief materials in 2018 and 200 families were given relief materials in 2019.
Each units undertake development and charity works in their own operational area.

Diocese of Shamshabad

All the programs done by PREM MARG and not supported by any donor agency is supported by the Diocese of Shamshabad.